Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Direct Sales Jump Start: Home Party Training For The REAL World

Is your home party business in the dumps right now? You're not alone. Many of our coaching clients are expressing concern about bookings and sales being lower this year than last year.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Home paty plan company consultants take note:

Direct Sales JUMP START: Home Party Training for the REAL World is a 6-week telecourse featuring America's Number One Direct Sales Teacher, Ruth Fuersten, and Lisa Young, Author of the groundbreaking book, Home Party Solution. Both women are working in tandem to create a product that targets the Home Party Plan Consultant.

Starting November 2 at 8pm Eastern, this direct sales telecourse features training in all areas of business development for your home party business. The calls are every Sunday through December 7.

Each call in the home party training series will focus on a specific element of running a successful home party business. While the call is open to any type of network marketing/mlm company, Ruth and Lisa have decades of experience specifically with the Home Party community.

To learn more or register for the telecourse, visit