Sunday, October 12, 2008

Direct Sales Tip: 4 'Tiger Tips' To Build Your Home Party Power

As a direct sales coach, I often post my articles to my 'Real Life Marketing' blog. This week, I posted about party plan coach Deb Bixler's quote about "showing your teeth" in your Direct Sales business.

Home party consultants are always looking for tips to grow their business. Deb is a great direct sales business coach. Anyone that can retire from corporate America in 9 months with their home party business is doing many things right. Bookings, sales and recruits haveto be rolling in consistently, and Deb's a pro. In fact, many of the business building ideas we're teaching you in our one-time-only Direct Sales JUMP Start: Home Party Training For the REAL Word telecourse are the exact methods Deb uses to build her business online and off.

But I believe Deb is only sharing part of the picture of developing power in your home party business. I take her idea litle farther, and talk about even more ways you can be a TIGER in your home party plan business.

Home party consultants looking to build their book of business can get great advice from Direct Sales JUMP Start. Everything you need for getting started (or re-started) to leadership, including bookings, recruiting, sales and customer care is in this telecourse. Plus we include weekly challenges to take your home party business to even greater heights!

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