Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"I have all the shows I want for the next 6 weeks!"

"Wow Ruth! I tried that idea you gave me and I booked 10 shows since the last time we talked. I have all the shows I want for the next 6 weeks!"

That's what a coaching client told me just a couple of hours ago. How would you like all the parties you want in your business? Maybe you want people lining up to take your recruiting information. Maybe you want higher sales.

All this information, plus tons of relevant step-by-step details, will be available to you at Direct Sale Jump Start - a tele-seminar - brought to you by me and the incredibly great Lisa Young. Lisa is THE go-to person for building your business online.

How would you like $4000 worth of products and information that will absolutely Jump Start your business at a fraction of its value? If you do head over to

What's it worth to you to not only know the best methods for building your direct sales business today, but to understand how to incorporate them into your business right now? $1000? $3000? More?

This is so exciting - so pertinent to today - that even owners of companies have signed up for this tele-seminar. If they think it's invaluable what are you waiting for?

Did you know if you signed up for my one-on-one coaching for 6 weeks it would cost you $300? Did you know Lisa's 3 hour seminars start at $500? You're going to be getting the best of our best plus scads of bonuses. We figured if you bought everything individually it would cost you $4000. The price of the seminar is a fraction of that cost! So hop on over to to sign up right now. We'll even let you make 2 easy payments which makes it even easier for you. But hurry! This offer ends this Friday, October 25th.

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