Thursday, December 4, 2008

Creating a blog for your direct sales company? Do's and Don't

This week's challenge may have a few of you stumped. Here are some guidelines to help you get started.

UNLESS your company gives you permission (or doesn't prohibit it), do not use any trademarked names in your blog web address, title, etc. many extablished companies (like Pampered Chef, The Body Shop at Home, PartyLite, Lia Sophia, etc) have very strictrules about "internet advertising" or "national advertising". Usually this includes using any of their trademarked names or words without permission.

That means you can't call your site "" or ""

You could use "" or "" or something like that.

But if you do that, realize that you'll be stuck with that name even if you change companies.

Think you'll never change companies? So did the reps at Sarah Coventry.

I've had great success using a phrase related to my industry:

You'll notice that I don't blatantly promote my affiliation with any company, I offer advice and helpful articles, and redirect readers to sign up for my newsletter - which is where I include all that juicy information.

That way, I'm not getting in trouble with my company, and I can still generate leads in my sleep.

It may seem like an extra step, but it protects you.

On the other hand, if your company is all for lettig you promote online, GO for it. When you can use your company brand name in your posts, it help you appear higher and more frequently in the search rankings when people are looking for your products by name.
Just realize that if you ever switch companies, you'll be stuck with an old blog that will be difficult to keep updated and you may have to start over with a new blog.
Questions? feedback? this is the place to put it!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Call #5 is Tomorrow

Did you set your stretch goal yet? Seeing any obstacles in your path that need clearing? Any questions we can help with?

This is the place to ask questions regarding anything we've covered so far. Because tomorrow night, we shift gears in a BIG way.

Tomorrow is call #5: "Ya Gotta Have A List"
Lisa's going to jump head first into a big pile of technospeak and make it so smple for you that you'll wonder why you didn't start this sooner.

In fact, Lisa can credit her online marketing efforts with creating three different direct sales teams. At least HALF of Lisa's recruits in direct sales have come from Internet leads - and She's going to show you exactly what she's ben doing to make that possible.

It's not hard. Like anything else in this business, it takes consistency. Lisa's going to share her three hottest tips for using the Internet to grow your home party business. To add more sales, more recruits and more bookings to your calendar.

You're going to get an overview on the reasons for having a website that your company DOESN'T own, and the best way to do it FREE.

You're going to learn the basic outline of a great newsletter that will keep your customers coming back for more.

You're also gong to get access to templates to make it even EASIER for you to get going fast.

Hope you've been working on your product reviews - you'll need 'em.

See you on Sunday!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Setting a stretch goal with Backward Planning

A few questions came up about what's a good goal to set.

Remember that small voice I was talking about - sometimes that's the PERFECT goal to set for yourself.

But sometimes even that goal needs to be broken down.

Since we're looking at something that can be accomplished in the next 2-3 weeks, we want to break this into a digestible component for that time frame.

Consider using a "backward planner".

Basically, you look at your end result, and calculate what the step would be jsut before you eached tha goal - and work your way back form there until you get to where you are now with that goal.

Then you'll have outlined the steps (in order) that you'll need to take to reach that goal.

Then get crackin! Be sure to post the goal to us via email. We want to be able to encourage each of you on your journey!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Threshold of Belief - Build Your Level of Belief

I posted this vid to YouTube last week, but it is a component to the exercise we did on tonight's call.

Remember what I said on the call:
Many impoverished communities would find 30 cents a month as a king's ransom. More than 2/3 of Cina's population subsists on less than a dollar a day.

That is THEIR level of belief. Those people do not see a possibility of moving beyond that level of poverty. Build those new neural pathways and create a new threshod of belief for yourself!

I know we covered a LOT of content tonight - and I'm sure there'll be questions. Please post your questions here - and email us your stretch goals. We're looking forward to helping you make it happen.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Call #4 is fast approaching: Recruiting results

Hey everyone. If you haven't already posted your reruiting packet results, here's teh palce to do it. remember, we'll be picking a winner based on total packets handed out, total appointments held and recruiting results. you can post your results, or if you're shy, you can email us.

Also, I made a post on another of my blogs regarding recruiting with the prospect's needs in mind.

Basically, I've had a number of Sarah Coventry reps calling me, and this one in particular wasn't excited about my jewelry co - she SAID it was becaus she didn't like the product.

It turned out that while it wasn't her favorite jewelry on the planet, the real problem was that she met with a local consultant before she called me. The consultant showed her 3 pieces from her kit - one of them was broken. THEN the consultant tried to strong arm her into signing up because she needed "just one more" to get her kit for free.


A potential recruit (or customer, etc) is not someone you can just bend to your will and your needs, folks. I was fortunate that she was willing to talk further with me - I'll tell you why in a minute. If she hadn't been willing to talk, I never would have found outher real objection.

It turns out, she's still just a tire kicker - she hasn't figured out WHAT she wants to do yet.

As a recruiter, it's my job to help her make the best decision possible for HER. in this case, the timing was bad. She's alread going to miss the best part of the holiday shopping season, so why not wait until January, after she's had a chance to really decide how she wants to run her business.

I did, by the way, encourage her to sign up for "PartyOn!" so that she could get some free training tips before she made a decision. That way she could learn more about my training style and how I work!

So here's the question: Why did she call me if she had already "decided" she didn't like the jewelry?

Two factors: first, as I already mentioned, she really hadn't decided anything. She was still not sure about the jewelry, the company, or her career choice. Second, she GOOGLED me, learned more about me, and wanted to talk to me in person. Simply put, she saw me as an expert, wanted to talk to an expert and get an opinion from someone that she figured knew a thing or two.

THIS is what we want or each of you: to becom the expert in your company. We want people to be able to GOOGLE YOU, and reach you to ask you, the expert, questions.

As we pass the halfway point of this series, we're going to start rolling into a LOT more of the technical/internet type stuff. Ezines, newsletters, and other ideas to help keep you in front of your customers on a regular enough basis that they start to see YOU as an expert.

Questions, comments? Post 'em here, or email 'em. We'll be looking for them!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Can't Afford It / Don't Have the Time Objections

One of the best responses to the "I can't afford it" statement is "Frankly, based on what you've shared with me, I don't think oyu can afford NOT to do it."

You can't just throw that out there, though.

Remember that recruiting interviews are just that - INTERVIEWS. You should be asking questions and screening candidates based on how your opportunity can help them, but also based on how they will fit into your team.

A person that continues to make excuses will be the same person who's always looking for hand holding for the duration of their stay on your team - which may be shot lived anyway.

Remind them, that this isn't about spending money, it's about making money. The purchase of a business kit is almost always a tax deduction (check w/ your accountant. I don't provide tax advice!).

As far as "having time", I ask them right at the interview, "How much time can you see yourself devoting to working your new business?" And that's key. I remind them this is a new business.

If a potential recruit is truly only in it for the kit - you have to ask yourself if you're okay with that.

Ruth's wording for the person who doesn't want to do 6 shows is great, but I can be a little more abrupt with people sometimes. I've also used this:

"Oh! You've already talked with another consultant? Well, I don't want to step on someone else's toes! If you're happy with what they're offering as a leader, then by all means, let's end the conversation here so you can get back in touch with them."

And then remain silent.

If they want you, they'll come after you. If they just want to get a kit - let someone else have that headache.

Remember: If you're serious about growing a team, sometimes it's better to let them go.

Don't let them go TOO quickly, but after you've pulled out the arsenal of tips we're sharing, if they're still not ready, maybe now's NOT a good time for them.

The last recommendation I can make is this one:

When you're interviewing, ask THEM what they expect out of their business. If all they want is a free kit - then 1 show is all they need. If they want a consistent income of a few hundred dollars - then a show a week is what they need. If they want to replace a full-time income, then they need to be doing a minimum of 2-3 shows a week and working on building a team as well.

If someone presents the "well another consultant told me..." scenario, then you can follow up with the following:

"Well, perhaps they didn't ask you the same questions that I did. It's my job, as your recruiter, to help you be as successful as you want to be. Based on what you've told me you expect out of your business, you would need at least X number of shows on you calendar, based on our averages, to achieve that. I'm sure if you told that consultant what you told me tonight she's tell you the same thing."

This way, you're not calling anyone on the carpet, and you're not making any assumptions. Always keep your conversation in the here and now, because that conversation could have taken place 2 years ago.

Again, setting up recruiting interviews are a time for YOU to kep control of the conversatio, ask questions (just like a real job), and get to know your prospect. don't go signing up someone just because you need one more for a trip! Make sure they are a good fit for your team, because THEY will be working with YOU - possibly for a very long time!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Call 3 is tonight!

Heading into the half way mark of our fantastic telecourse and tonight, we're digging into the dirt on recruiting, what to say and more importantly, what NOT to say.

Call #3: "Watch Your Mouth! What to Say and Not to Say When Recruiting" is going to take you into the depths of how to master recruiting at the show. In one hour, we're going to cover:

1. How and when to make recruiting bids at the show.
2. Why you DON'T want to camp in the host's kitchen all night - even if she's interested in your opportunity.
3. Tested word choices and scripts you can use to recruit more effectively.
4. The two most important quesions oyu can ask a potential recruit.
5. Why and how you WATCH Your Mouth
6. The ins and outs of online recruiting.

This week is a big business boosting week! You Don't want to miss this week's call!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

This Week's Challenge: Finding sales

Remember, that you need to ppost your Challenge results by MIDNIGHT Eastern time on Saturday.

When you post (you can email, if you prefer), be sure to include your total sales, and your sales average and the period covered.

For example:

My sales for this week last year were $298, my average show is $476 (average of all shows from last year to this year), so I would need to have at least $477 in sales this week to beat my show average.

Since many of you have shows on Saturday night (I do!), I might extend this to Sunday morning, but I have church commitments, and if I miss your post, don't be mad at me!
Please make sure you post your results either via email or here on the blog. We've got prizes to give away!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

call #2 is tonight!

thanks to all of you that posted or emailed your results to us! We're sorting through everything to make the announcement for tonight's call. I have a few last minute details to finalize, and tonight we've got a LOT of ground to cover.

We're talking about ways to increase sales without being pushy, and that covers a lot of areas:

product knowledge
your show intro
Customer Care Calls
and more.

You guys better bring your pencils! We've got a LOT to teach you in just an hour!

See you there!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Writer's Cramp is a good thing, right?

Making my tickler file has been great for my business - but now I got writer's cramp. So far, over 200 index cards... and looks like I'm going to go buy more cards.

The bright side: I have a lot more contacts than I realized. Which is probably true for many of you. As I stared going back through old invoices, there were people I had TOTALLY forgotten about - sad but true.

People fall through the cracks - even when you don't mean to.

The bright side part 2: I booked a hostess I haven't talked to in 2 years. She rescheduled on me because she got mono. I figured she was blowing me off so I stopped following up. I also booked a girl that was in a musical with me this summer to do a jewelry party for me. I also added 3 new prospects to my recruiting pipeline. Their lives have changed a LOT this year, and the time is good for them. Plus the countless reps from Sarah Coventry reps that have called ME has been staggering. One poor girl had JUST gotten her kit when they closed their doors! Haven't signed them all yet, but this is a ton of activity for a girl who usually only does one show per week.

When YOU finish your challenge for this week, post your results here! There just might be a prize.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Raise The Temp For Better Shows

In a recent study, researchers at Yale discovered that a warm cup of coffee in the hand was worth two: one for you AND your neighbor.

The study reveals that not ONLY were people holding a hand warmer (cup of coffee, perhaps?) more inclined to BE nicer to others, they also PERCIEVED other people as being nicer, when in fact, the only thing different was whether they were holding a cold or warm item in their hand.

Ramifications for the home party industry?
Check the temp in your party room! If it feels chilly, turn up the heat a little. do everything you can to make a party space feel warm and inviting. If your bookings are down, suggest your hostess serve coffee, cocoa or spiced cider to warm things up a bit. When given the option to keep a gift for themselves or give a gift to a friend, the subjects holding the warm cup tended to help the friend, when those with the cold cup elped themselves.

They key here is warm. NOT unbearably hot. the more comfortable your guests and hostesses feel, the more open they are to you AND your suggestions.

Feedback? Give it a try and post your comments here!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sarah Coventry Reps Displaced Need a JUMP Start More Than Ever!

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know a couple of things:

First, my heart goes out to ALL Sarah Coventry reps that have been effected by their recent closure. I'm working on a special call for all reps, but ESPECIALLY Sarah Coventry Reps faced with a "now what?" decision. Stay tuned for more details.

If you know anyone looking for the next step in their business, I encourage you to point them to our website, get them signed up for the newsletter and help them in any way you can. Direct Sellers need to stick together.

I've been contacted by more than a dozen Sarah Coventry Reps in the past few days, which is why I KNOW this is a critical time in the business - not just for them, but for you as well.

Most of them called asking for guidance, direction and company recommendations. But a couple called to THANK me. Because of what I teach in Home Party Solution, they were able to position themselves as an expert and grow their personal database even while their Sarah Coventry websites were being deactivated. These consultants are transitioning to new companies with less effort and headache than those that put all their eggs in the basket of Sarah Coventry.

I wish I could say I was shocked. In this day and age, not much surprises me anymore. This year has seen at least two well-funded, reputable companies close their doors - and a few more less-than-reputable ones as well.

This is why I PREACH on the fact that you need to brand yourself first. In fact, I decided today that my next book will focus entirely on that concept. Direct sales reps eed to be concerned about promoting their own image and perosnal brand in the marketplace. That way, when your company closes (and Sarah Coventry is a great example), you'll still have clients and a market to srve - you'll just need a new product.

Think of it this way: If you own "SUPER STORE", and the manufacturer stops making "Brand X Soap", do you close your doors? No! You find a different supplier. But if people only thought of you as a Brand X Soap salesman, you'd be out of business fast.

That's what's happened to so many consultants this year.

So I'm asking you to pass this message on as a reminder. The more we share this message with consultants, the stronger our businesses will grow. I'm so passionate about this, you'll see it on my blogs in a day or so. We need to keep hearing (and sharing) this message.

Lastly, I wanted to remind you we still have a couple of slots left on this teleclass. Tell your friends in the industry. I don't want to see anyone else become a "Sarah Coventry" statistic.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Direct Sales Saga #1: The Tickler File

Yesterday I went to the store to pick up my note cards - you know, I thought this would be easy.

They didn't have a file box the right size for my note cards and I didn't want to shell out extra bucks for the bigger cards.

Yeah, sometimes I'm lazy. So I got the bigger box and the smaller cards. They rattle a bit, but they work.

I also found those 1-31 and Jan-December tabs to complete the file. It's an added cost, but makes it easier to find your tabs when you're filing.

All my supplies at Office Depot were just under $15. I got 300 index cards - and will probably need a few more. But it's a good start. Today, I start the task of putting the leads on the cards.

If any of you have questions or comments, please share. We're all here to learn.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Direct Sales JUMP Start: Post Your Questions HERE!

After tonight's AMAZING call, I want to be sure you all have a place to post your questions. Just leave a "comment" here and we'll address your questions either on the blog or on the call.

You can post any questions. We'll do our best to answer them all.

Direct Sales JUMP Start: It's ON!

Tonight's the big night, and I've been going over my notes one last time - Ruth and I have packed everything we can possibly think of into this telecourse.

Tonight's call: "You Can't Start a Business with 3 People In Your Sister's Living Room"

Plus with all the challenges, stay tuned right here to see what happens next.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Direct Sales JUMP Start Countdown: It All Starts SUNDAY!


You have to say it like the voice over on those weekend "tractor pull" commercials.

Yes folks, we're down to 15 spots today... and I'm wondering who it will be. The last few days have seen some bewildering action on our registration page. I still can't believe how many of you have already signed up.

This event is going to be transformational - for yourself and your home party businesses.

I can't wait!
If you haven't already registered, Sign up for Direct Sales JUMP Start before you miss your chance!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Direct Sales JUMP Start: Two Days Left!

With only 2 days left before this once in a lifetime event begins, we're seeing a shocking number of last minute registrations.

Don't miss out on this great event!

There are only 20 seats left!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Direct Sales JUMP Start: Testimonial Winner #2

Here's the testmonial that Ruth picked as the winner for the FREE slot at our upcoming Direct Sales JUMP Start telecourse:

"In the short time I have been coaching with Ruth, my amount of bookings has literally more than doubled! I was doing 3-4 parties a month, and now I have 8 parties a month, thanks to Ruth's coaching tips. She taught me how to get guests thinking about booking a show right away using simple incentives. Her ideas created ways for the guests and hostess to encourage each other to book a show, which has made my job much easier, not to mention much more fun! I have seen drastic improvements in my business since coaching with Ruth, and I am looking forward to more growth to come!"

- Jackie Aicher

Congratulations Jackie! We can't wait to hear you live on the line THIS SUNDAY!

Direct Sales Recruiting: 3 Halloween Tips For More Treats, Not Tricks

Ann Vertel writes in today's blog post that if you look at kids that trick or treat, they don't get all worked up about which houses don't have their lights on. The direct sales correlation is that we as direct selling consultants shouldn't get worked up over the people that don't want to participate in or business - either by booking buying or recruiting. In essence, they've "turned off their house lights" and we shouldn't take it personally - just move on to the next house and collect our goodies elsewhere.

But as I thought more about the correlation to Halloween, there's even more you can cull from this:

1. Those parents at the curb.

On your first Halloween, a trusted adult probably walked the whole neighborhood with you, holding your hand, walking you right up to the door and showing you exactly how to say the magic words that opened the door to candy paradise. As we mature in our business and "get better at trick or treating", these parents and adults stand at the curb, so we don't look "uncool".

You've either been one or had one - a leader that guides you down the path, watches your actions, and helps you be the best you can be. On your first few attempts at working your business, they might have even held your hand and walked you straight up to the door - even did the knocking for you. They're not doing the work for us. But they've got their watchful eye on us, helping us along the path to the next door, giving us tips on how to make the next house even better than the last. Don't be ungrateful, but don't expect them to do the work for you. If you want the goodies - you've got to get the training (from your leaders) - then you've got to say the words to get them!

2. Those "Candy Grabbers"

Every Halloween has it's share of killjoys that run around the 'hood snatching the bags of little kids. Those bullies get their kicks takin' candy from babies and making mischief on Hallow's Eve. Do the other kids stop going from house to house? Naah. Do the homeowners stop passing out the goodies? Of course not!

Whether we want to admit it or not, there's a crowd of people in direct sales that gives the industry a bad name - but it doesn't mean that everyone is going to give up and go home. On the contrary. I know for myself that when I was confronted with a bully on Halloween night, I just went back and tried double hard to recover my losses. Now that I'm older and wiser, I know there are plenty more neighborhood to visit when searching for direct sales gold.

3. Sorting the Goodies from the Maple Buns

Oh how I hated the Maple Bun as a kid. We'd trade those things away as fast as we got them - if we could. We took notes each year about which houses had the best candy, and which ones weren't worth the trek up the long driveway for the tiny little maple bun they'd drop in your bag with a toothy grin. Mom would, of course, check out each wrapper to ensure safety and collect her obligatory fee for so doing.

As network marketers, we have to do our own sorting. Some "goodies" will be great additions to our team, and others will start out looking good, but you'll find the wrapper's not all there. And of course, you'll end up with a Maple Bun or two, but realize that the better you get at identifying the King Size candy from the Maple Buns, the easier the sorting becomes. The only way to get good is to keep practicing.

So this festive holiday, as you're standing at the curb with the little tykes, perhaps do some trick or treating of your own. I frequently pass out free samples to the moms as we're trekking the 'hood together. It allows us to strike up conversations while we shiver in the cold with our little trolls, princesses, and ninjas. Do they all book a party or join my team? Nope. And we all just keep moving on to the next house.

Don't forget, Our Direct Sales JUMP Start program starts SUNDAY! Shake a leg and get registered pronto:

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

And the winner is....

Ruth Fuersten and I held a contest for our subscribers and coaching clients to earn a free pass to our once-in-a-lifetime telecourse event.

The rules were simple. Send us a testimonial. We'd pick the best and the winner would get the entire $4000 coaching program FREE.

I picked my winner today: Judy Thompson.

Here's Judy's Testimonial:

"Before I started getting Lisa's power-packed newsletter, the best way to describe my business was just starting out, needing any and every bit of advice I could get! The BEST piece of advice Lisa gave me was the article about "5 secrets to book your calendar", hard to choose one, I have used them all!

Since I've started using the great advice Lisa's taught me I have built a team of 25 consultants in less than 5 months! Everyone looks at me as if I really know what I am talking about. When I give them the advice I have taken from the newsletters, I sound as if I have been doing this for years!

Lisa's training is perfect for people who are just starting out, like me, and for seasoned consultants who need a little boost in their business. THANK YOU LISA!!"

- Judy Thompson

Judy will receive full paid admission to the Direct Sales JUMP START program, and all the bonus materials at no cost.


There's still time for you to get on board with this amazing program. We're covering just about everything a consultant would need to give their business a power-packed BOOST for the Holiday Season - which is upon us now!

What are you waiting for? Get Direct Sales JUMP Start today!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Last day for 2-payment installment plan for Direct Sales JUMP Start

This is it, folks!

Today, Saturday the 25th, is the LAST day to sign up for your Direct Sales JUMP Start telecourse and take advantage of the 2 payment installment plan.

For 2 payments of $207, you can be a part of history in the making. This one-time only telecourse combines the best of Home Party Solution with the best of How to Book, Sell, and Recruit Your Way to Success!

So many of you have taken advantage of this option already, and we're humbled by how many of you are sharing your stories with us. One consltant wote in to tell me how much she wanted to be on these calls, but didn't have the money right now. When I told her about the 2 payment plan, she was so excited that she signed up right away.

I look at it this way. If you register today, by the time your second payment is due, you'll already have all the tools you need to add 9-12 successful shows to your calendar - and maybe more.

Plus with our 100% guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

What are you waiting for? Sign up today before you get busy with the kids and forget!
I promise you this course will never be repeated, and it won't be offered at a price this low again EVER.

Sign up for Direct Sales JUMP Start Today!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Countdown to Direct Sales JUMP Start Telecourse!

It doesn't get any better than this!

Ruth and I have been so busy getting ready for this telecourse that we almost forgot to touch bases with you to say a hearty THANK YOU for signing up for Direct Sales JUMP Start.

Remember that for the best results, you're going to want to be live on the line for every call. We're putting our blood, sweat and tears into this program to help you have the best, most profitable ans rewarding holiday season you've ever had with your direct sales company.

A lot of other coaches would charge triple for what we've offered in this program. But Ruth and I strongly believe that would be wrong.

First, we're already being well-compensated for our time. We're not here to be greedy. We TRULY want to help you be successful - and success is defined on your terms, not ours.

Second, the best revenge for a "slumping" economy is to be ridiculously successful! The more calles we have on the line, the better prepared you'll be for what could turn out to be the most amazing holiday season ever.

Research shows that during a "down economy" direct sales consultants have BETTER sales and recruiting results. More people are looking for extra income, part time work, and ways to save a little money. Our Direct Sales JUMP Start training will give you the tools you need to take FULL advantage of this exciting opportunity!

Lastly, we know that once you get to know us and our caching style, you'll be hooked! You'll learn so much great, quality information, that you'll be telling your team mates, leaders and friends in the business about us - and that's the REAL reason we've priced this so dang low! We're rewarding YOU for investing in yourself and taking advantage of boosting your business NOW - instead of when the holidays are over.

Face it! Most consultants will hobble through the holidays and plan to get a "fresh start" in January. But by then, you'll be well on your way to achieving even MORE in your party plan business. You'll have an amazing head start on all those consultants that are "regrouping" in the new year.

So be as excited as we are! This is an amazing one-time-only telecourse that you won't want to miss a SECOND of. And if you have friends in the biz, let them know that there's still time to take advantage of the 2-pay installment option. It expires Saturday, so they need to get move on! We only have a handful of spots left for the call - and when we sell out, that's it!

If you can't make it to the all the live calls, don't panic. We'll have the recordings posted at the download page the day following each call.

One last reminder: You've invested in yourselves to make this the best possible holiday season ever. Please take advantage of this opportunity by participating. You can post to our blog we've set up here just for this program.

If you have questions, we'll be glad to answer them here for everyone to get maximum benefit!

Have a great day! We can't wait to hear you on the line on November 2!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"I have all the shows I want for the next 6 weeks!"

"Wow Ruth! I tried that idea you gave me and I booked 10 shows since the last time we talked. I have all the shows I want for the next 6 weeks!"

That's what a coaching client told me just a couple of hours ago. How would you like all the parties you want in your business? Maybe you want people lining up to take your recruiting information. Maybe you want higher sales.

All this information, plus tons of relevant step-by-step details, will be available to you at Direct Sale Jump Start - a tele-seminar - brought to you by me and the incredibly great Lisa Young. Lisa is THE go-to person for building your business online.

How would you like $4000 worth of products and information that will absolutely Jump Start your business at a fraction of its value? If you do head over to

What's it worth to you to not only know the best methods for building your direct sales business today, but to understand how to incorporate them into your business right now? $1000? $3000? More?

This is so exciting - so pertinent to today - that even owners of companies have signed up for this tele-seminar. If they think it's invaluable what are you waiting for?

Did you know if you signed up for my one-on-one coaching for 6 weeks it would cost you $300? Did you know Lisa's 3 hour seminars start at $500? You're going to be getting the best of our best plus scads of bonuses. We figured if you bought everything individually it would cost you $4000. The price of the seminar is a fraction of that cost! So hop on over to to sign up right now. We'll even let you make 2 easy payments which makes it even easier for you. But hurry! This offer ends this Friday, October 25th.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The End of an Era

Well, Early Bird pricing has ended for our new Direct Sales Jump Start training telecourse. Ruth and I are just flabbergasted at the number of people that jumped at the chance (no pun intended), to take advantage of the $100 savings we offered to get in ahead of the pack.

And as a special, unadvertised bonus, each early bird registrant will receive a copy of my latest special edition training course on building a re-order business. This one-time only call was an astounding hit for my live callers - we even jammed the lines - I had difficulty getting on the call!

So congrats to all of you that got in early - it pays to get in line first.

But to not despair. If you missed early bird, there's still time to take advantage of our special 2-pay installment plan. You'll get all of the advertised bonuses - over $4000 in value for two payments of $207. That's less than 10% of the total value of this package!

Frankly, it seems crazy why anyone would pass up this offer. And by paying in full now, you can get free shipping, too.

Our clients have been telling us they wanted a one-stop program that covered everything: booking, recruiting, leadership, sales, team building, internet marketing and more. I've not found anything this comprehensive anywhere else on the market - and certainly not at this price. You could take the profits from two average shows and pay the entire investment of this program - in fact, that's why we set up the installment payments.

By the end of the telecourse, you should be able to add another 9-12 shows on your calendar - and we give you the tools to be successful at it.

Stop waiting, and start building your business big!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Last day for Early Bird Special!

Okay, I promise this is the last reminder...

This is the LAST day for the Early Bird registration for Direct Sales JUMP Start, featuring yours truly and Ruth Fuersten.

I can't imagine why so many people wait until the last minute - we've had a bum's rush of registrations in the last 24 hours. And now we only have a handful of early bird slots left.

I'll be keeping track and posting updates throughout the day today on the web page:

But honestly, if you don't have your seat today, you're going to miss out on not ONLY the early bird special pricing (and yes, we have a payment plan), you're also going to miss out on the bonus recording of the teleclass I did on building a re-order business on Tuesday!

We PACKED the lines on that call. I had a hard time dialing in! This is a great bit of bonus material that makes the JUMP Start telecourse even MORE comprehensive.

I promise you, this is one telecourse you don't want to miss. Bookings, recruiting, upsells, cross-sells, full service checkout, online and offline marketing and more. It's the most comprehensive program I've seen - EVER - and at this price, I understand why people are flocking to the site to reserve their seat.

Don't miss out. Regular pricing goes into effect at MIDNIGHT tonight (Eastern Time) - OR when all our early bird slots are full - which could be any time to day at the rate these seats are going.

If you have any questions or need more info, please please please drop me an email. I'll be glad to answer any questions to help you make an educated decision.

Trust me, with the money back guarantee, you can't lose on this class!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Can you be successful in a down economy?

Ruth Fuersten says yes.

Here's Ruth's blog post that shares what she did when even the local restaurants were begging for business - yet she managed to sell $200+ collections like hotcakes.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Re-order Business Isn't just for consumable products


I wanted to drop a reminder so you don't kick yourself for missing it. If you want thousands of dollars in free bonus materials at a great early bird price, you need to register now for the Direct Sales JUMP Start telecourse with me and Ruth Fuersten that starts in November.

We've only reserved 100 early bird slots and I don't want you to miss out! When they're gone...

Plus to sweeten the pot a little, I'm offering ALL the early bird registrants free access to the re-order call I did on Tuesday. We jammed the lines, and I talked for over an HOUR about things you can do to build a strong re-order business in an easy to follow manner - even if you don't have a "consumable" product. The emails and comments I've gotten about this call tell me it's FULL of useful info - one caller said she could easily make another $1000 with what she learned.

So I'm going to take it and have it professionally edited and put on CD just for you.

I'm ONLY making this call available to early bird registrants, so you have to reserve your seat before they're all gone!

With this added bonus, early bird registrants will get over $2,400 in free bonus materials to go with this course. Early bird registration ends when we hit 100 registrations, or on October 17, whichever comes first!

If you've been thinking hard about starting or re-starting your business for the holidays, Ruth and I are taking you, step-by-step through the best of BOTH of our programs. There's nothing more comprehensive on the market right now, and I promise you it'll never be offered at this low price again - EVER!

Did I forget to mention we even have a payment plan available if cash flow's a little tight right now? Don't wait another minute - if you're like me, you'll probably forget and then smack yourself silly later. Register now for this amazing teleclass series at the early bird discount!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Direct Sales Tip: 4 'Tiger Tips' To Build Your Home Party Power

As a direct sales coach, I often post my articles to my 'Real Life Marketing' blog. This week, I posted about party plan coach Deb Bixler's quote about "showing your teeth" in your Direct Sales business.

Home party consultants are always looking for tips to grow their business. Deb is a great direct sales business coach. Anyone that can retire from corporate America in 9 months with their home party business is doing many things right. Bookings, sales and recruits haveto be rolling in consistently, and Deb's a pro. In fact, many of the business building ideas we're teaching you in our one-time-only Direct Sales JUMP Start: Home Party Training For the REAL Word telecourse are the exact methods Deb uses to build her business online and off.

But I believe Deb is only sharing part of the picture of developing power in your home party business. I take her idea litle farther, and talk about even more ways you can be a TIGER in your home party plan business.

Home party consultants looking to build their book of business can get great advice from Direct Sales JUMP Start. Everything you need for getting started (or re-started) to leadership, including bookings, recruiting, sales and customer care is in this telecourse. Plus we include weekly challenges to take your home party business to even greater heights!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Direct Sales Training Gets a 'Jump Start'

When Home Party coaches Ruth Fuersten and Lisa Young met this past May, they never dreamed that their synergy would propel them into a joint venture some are calling "electrifying".

"I started as Ruth's home party coaching client, and we found we had so much in common, that I invited her to join me on my calls for my Party Pro MasterMind group. That call was one of the most talked about calls I've had all year. The call lasted over an hour and a half!" Young said.

They knew they struck gold when callers emailed afterward asking for more information. "So many consultants emailed us, we figured we had to do something in response."

That "something" is Direct Sales JUMP Start: Home Party Training for the REAL World. Home Party Consultants from any company are invited to join Ruth and Lisa on a live, 6-week telecourse packed with tips to boost their direct sales business.

The home party consultant coaching calls begin Sunday, November 2 and are every Sunday night at 8pm Eastern through December 7. The classes were strategically planned to coincide with the busiest season for Direct Selling Companies. According to the Direct Selling Association, over half of the sales for the entire industry are conducted during the Holiday Season.

"We wanted to prove that even in a 'down' economy, home party consultants can have higher sales, more bookings at their parties and quality recruit leads. The Holiday Season is the perfect time to take advantage of all the opportunities home party consultants have to book, sell and recruit. Direct Sales JUMP Start makes it even easier." Young said.

With a weekly challenge assignment designed to stretch consultants to new heights, this telecourse is not for the consultant that sees her home party business as a "hobby". These six weeks are designed to help a consultant serious about growing her home party business into a full-time income stream. Ultimately, the program outlines methods to add 9-12 shows to a consultant's calender dring the 6 week period, as well as poise the direct sales consultant for a move into leadership.

Fuersten and Young have over 20 years of combined experience in the Home Party Industry. Fuersten promoted to ledership in less than 90 days, with a high show of nearly $6,000. Young continues to lead sales teams in several Home Party companies, and authored the ground-breaking book, Home Party Solution, a step-by-step program for taking your Home Party Business to new heights using the power of the Internet.

Direct Sales JUMP Start, is a blend of both online and offline marketing techniques, word choices, scripts and tools for home paty consultants serious about treating their business like a real business.

For more details, visit

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Direct Sales Jump Start: Home Party Training For The REAL World

Is your home party business in the dumps right now? You're not alone. Many of our coaching clients are expressing concern about bookings and sales being lower this year than last year.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Home paty plan company consultants take note:

Direct Sales JUMP START: Home Party Training for the REAL World is a 6-week telecourse featuring America's Number One Direct Sales Teacher, Ruth Fuersten, and Lisa Young, Author of the groundbreaking book, Home Party Solution. Both women are working in tandem to create a product that targets the Home Party Plan Consultant.

Starting November 2 at 8pm Eastern, this direct sales telecourse features training in all areas of business development for your home party business. The calls are every Sunday through December 7.

Each call in the home party training series will focus on a specific element of running a successful home party business. While the call is open to any type of network marketing/mlm company, Ruth and Lisa have decades of experience specifically with the Home Party community.

To learn more or register for the telecourse, visit