Sunday, November 16, 2008

Call 3 is tonight!

Heading into the half way mark of our fantastic telecourse and tonight, we're digging into the dirt on recruiting, what to say and more importantly, what NOT to say.

Call #3: "Watch Your Mouth! What to Say and Not to Say When Recruiting" is going to take you into the depths of how to master recruiting at the show. In one hour, we're going to cover:

1. How and when to make recruiting bids at the show.
2. Why you DON'T want to camp in the host's kitchen all night - even if she's interested in your opportunity.
3. Tested word choices and scripts you can use to recruit more effectively.
4. The two most important quesions oyu can ask a potential recruit.
5. Why and how you WATCH Your Mouth
6. The ins and outs of online recruiting.

This week is a big business boosting week! You Don't want to miss this week's call!


Jackie said...

Thanks for the call tonight! Recruiting is definitely the thing I need to work on! So I've got some questions if you have answers.

First, what do you do when you tell a potential recruit that they should set up 6 (or more) shows before starting, and they say they've heard from another advisor in the same company that they only need three shows? I've even heard one advisor say she started with ONE show, which I think is ridiculous! They seem to be confused when they hear different things from different people, and then want to only do whatever the minimum is, so how do you deal with that? I have some ideas already, but just wanted to post the question to get additional ideas.

Second, what do you say when folks say they don't have money for the starter kit right now? I've been saying that if they put it on their credit card, they will make back the cost (plus a lot more!) before they have to pay the bill, but just wanted to hear if anyone else has any other ideas.

Also, with this economy, some of my potential recruits are also interviewing for part-time or full-time jobs at the same time. They say they want to wait to start until they find out about the jobs they're applying for, and then when they get the job, they don't have time. How do you deal with this?

This is definitely the area I need the most help with, so figured I'd post lots of questions! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie,
Great questions! What to do when a potential recruit doesn't want to have 6 or more shows....
Remember what Lisa said last night about not everyone is a match? I'd say, "Yes, I realize that some consultants will tell potential recruits that they need to do only one show. IF that's what YOU want to do then I would urge you to recruit with that person. However, I want MY recruits to be successful and get everything they want out of this business. That's why I tell my recruits they need to start with 9 shows."

Sometimes "not having the $$ for a starter kit is a way of saying "no I really don't want to do this." If they really wanted to do it they could find a way - a rummage sale, bringing items to a resale shop, etc.
If they really want to do it they will find a way to get the $$ for their kit. Knowing your company the starter kit is not unreasonably priced and, it's actually affordable. This goes back to the old saying, "Where there's a will there's a way."

People are looking for work but when you start a new job and then things change in that company who is going to be the first to go? The people who were hired last. So for insurance of having an income I would urge you to do this along side of your full-time position.

Does that help? And does anyone else have some suggestions for Jackie?

Jackie said...

Thanks so much! That helps a bunch!