Saturday, November 29, 2008

Call #5 is Tomorrow

Did you set your stretch goal yet? Seeing any obstacles in your path that need clearing? Any questions we can help with?

This is the place to ask questions regarding anything we've covered so far. Because tomorrow night, we shift gears in a BIG way.

Tomorrow is call #5: "Ya Gotta Have A List"
Lisa's going to jump head first into a big pile of technospeak and make it so smple for you that you'll wonder why you didn't start this sooner.

In fact, Lisa can credit her online marketing efforts with creating three different direct sales teams. At least HALF of Lisa's recruits in direct sales have come from Internet leads - and She's going to show you exactly what she's ben doing to make that possible.

It's not hard. Like anything else in this business, it takes consistency. Lisa's going to share her three hottest tips for using the Internet to grow your home party business. To add more sales, more recruits and more bookings to your calendar.

You're going to get an overview on the reasons for having a website that your company DOESN'T own, and the best way to do it FREE.

You're going to learn the basic outline of a great newsletter that will keep your customers coming back for more.

You're also gong to get access to templates to make it even EASIER for you to get going fast.

Hope you've been working on your product reviews - you'll need 'em.

See you on Sunday!


creatednaturalgirl said...

Okay I made a blog! Not quite finished yet, but let me know what you think, any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks, Judy

creatednaturalgirl said...

OOps, it is not is just the https. Judy

Anonymous said...

Judy you are truly a mover and a shaker! The blog looks great - let us know when you are finished. I really like the top and I like that you have a picture of yourself on it. It's always nice to know what the person looks like. I'm not understanding the pictures at the bottom but I figured that has to do with you not being completed yet,

My hat is off to you!

the coolest girl in the world - HA! said...


Great job on getting this up.

Two things I want to verify with you before you get TOO far in the creation process:

First, make sure it is OKAY that you use your company's name. Remember, this is a blog about YOU. YOU want to be the expert in your customers minds when it comes to mineral makeup - that way if something should happen and you leave CN, you'll still have a blog that you can use to promote yourself.
If your company is okay with it, then RUN with it, because it's so much easier to promote yourself online when you have the company's blessing. Most newer companies are okay with it, but I want to be sure youv'e got permission, before you get a nasty messag from corporate asking you to take down your site.
I work with one company that flatly refuses to let ANYONE use their trademarked names on any of their websites/email, etc. I have another company that WANTS us to promote ourselves online. I try to stay down the middle, that way I can reference products, but don't outright say that I'm building a team or that I'm a consultant.
Plus in your customer's eye, if you're presenting in an educatinoal way, instead of a promotional way, you'll get more credibility points.
Again, nice job - glad to see you got it up so quickly.
You can checkout my blog at to see what I've done for future reference.
P.S. If I click on your blogger user name,at the bottom of your profile page it shows a list o your public blogs, so I was able to find your blog just fine. :-)

creatednaturalgirl said...

Thank you for your input! I am learning so much! Our company is okay with us using the name (probably because it is a new company and they are good with getting the name out there any way we can). I will however focus more on me and giving tips and helpful information about the industry as a whole. I just bought your book Lisa, and I am excited about implementing all of the ideas I am getting from the book :O) Thank you!

the coolest girl in the world - HA! said...


You've really taken the bull by the horns and I'm glad to see the prgress you've made. You're a powerful business woman - don't let anyone tell you otherwise! you're savvy, clever, and a force to be reckoned with.

I'm also glad you got the book during the special promotion for Rory. Her heart surgery is this week, and we're all praying for her. If you have ANY questions about the book, jsut shoot me an email!