Friday, November 7, 2008

Raise The Temp For Better Shows

In a recent study, researchers at Yale discovered that a warm cup of coffee in the hand was worth two: one for you AND your neighbor.

The study reveals that not ONLY were people holding a hand warmer (cup of coffee, perhaps?) more inclined to BE nicer to others, they also PERCIEVED other people as being nicer, when in fact, the only thing different was whether they were holding a cold or warm item in their hand.

Ramifications for the home party industry?
Check the temp in your party room! If it feels chilly, turn up the heat a little. do everything you can to make a party space feel warm and inviting. If your bookings are down, suggest your hostess serve coffee, cocoa or spiced cider to warm things up a bit. When given the option to keep a gift for themselves or give a gift to a friend, the subjects holding the warm cup tended to help the friend, when those with the cold cup elped themselves.

They key here is warm. NOT unbearably hot. the more comfortable your guests and hostesses feel, the more open they are to you AND your suggestions.

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