Friday, November 21, 2008

Call #4 is fast approaching: Recruiting results

Hey everyone. If you haven't already posted your reruiting packet results, here's teh palce to do it. remember, we'll be picking a winner based on total packets handed out, total appointments held and recruiting results. you can post your results, or if you're shy, you can email us.

Also, I made a post on another of my blogs regarding recruiting with the prospect's needs in mind.

Basically, I've had a number of Sarah Coventry reps calling me, and this one in particular wasn't excited about my jewelry co - she SAID it was becaus she didn't like the product.

It turned out that while it wasn't her favorite jewelry on the planet, the real problem was that she met with a local consultant before she called me. The consultant showed her 3 pieces from her kit - one of them was broken. THEN the consultant tried to strong arm her into signing up because she needed "just one more" to get her kit for free.


A potential recruit (or customer, etc) is not someone you can just bend to your will and your needs, folks. I was fortunate that she was willing to talk further with me - I'll tell you why in a minute. If she hadn't been willing to talk, I never would have found outher real objection.

It turns out, she's still just a tire kicker - she hasn't figured out WHAT she wants to do yet.

As a recruiter, it's my job to help her make the best decision possible for HER. in this case, the timing was bad. She's alread going to miss the best part of the holiday shopping season, so why not wait until January, after she's had a chance to really decide how she wants to run her business.

I did, by the way, encourage her to sign up for "PartyOn!" so that she could get some free training tips before she made a decision. That way she could learn more about my training style and how I work!

So here's the question: Why did she call me if she had already "decided" she didn't like the jewelry?

Two factors: first, as I already mentioned, she really hadn't decided anything. She was still not sure about the jewelry, the company, or her career choice. Second, she GOOGLED me, learned more about me, and wanted to talk to me in person. Simply put, she saw me as an expert, wanted to talk to an expert and get an opinion from someone that she figured knew a thing or two.

THIS is what we want or each of you: to becom the expert in your company. We want people to be able to GOOGLE YOU, and reach you to ask you, the expert, questions.

As we pass the halfway point of this series, we're going to start rolling into a LOT more of the technical/internet type stuff. Ezines, newsletters, and other ideas to help keep you in front of your customers on a regular enough basis that they start to see YOU as an expert.

Questions, comments? Post 'em here, or email 'em. We'll be looking for them!


Jackie said...

Recruiting results:
I had two shows so far this week. I tend to hand out one info packet at a show, but this week I handed out two packets per show - yay! Out of those, I set up a few meetings. One gal is going to wait to join, but she had a friend who wants to join right away and we already set up her starter show - yay! And thanks for the advice on if friends join together because when the other one joins, I'll have her go under her friend. So it went well!

the coolest girl in the world - HA! said...

Way to GO Jackie!

Glad to see your team growing. Way to take action and implement the strategies we're teaching.

Folks, this information is NOT meant to sit on a shelf collecting dust. You can't build a business sitting on a bookshelf!

Tonight, we're going to cear some head clutter and really help you figure out what you want from your business. Get ready for some turb-charged training tonight!

creatednaturalgirl said...

Well I missed the deadline! I actually was called into work last night for an emergency (I am a surgical assistant in my J.O.B.)and forgot to log my results last night! I passed out 4 packets this week and have two meetings set up out of those 4, the other two are having parties for me and I am planning on talking to them then. Looking forward to tonight's call! Judy

the coolest girl in the world - HA! said...

Super duper exciting - it's actually fun to see both of you making such great pogress - especially since you both got a free pass to this event! You often hear people say that the more people pay for it, the more they respect and appreciate the value of it - but I usually find that when people are given a great opportunity, they are less likely to squander it.

Keep working. I know tonight's all was mind expanding. You can do some REALLY great things with tonight's content!