Thursday, November 13, 2008

This Week's Challenge: Finding sales

Remember, that you need to ppost your Challenge results by MIDNIGHT Eastern time on Saturday.

When you post (you can email, if you prefer), be sure to include your total sales, and your sales average and the period covered.

For example:

My sales for this week last year were $298, my average show is $476 (average of all shows from last year to this year), so I would need to have at least $477 in sales this week to beat my show average.

Since many of you have shows on Saturday night (I do!), I might extend this to Sunday morning, but I have church commitments, and if I miss your post, don't be mad at me!
Please make sure you post your results either via email or here on the blog. We've got prizes to give away!


creatednaturalgirl said...

Okay, here are my numbers! Since I have only been in business since June I only have 20 shows to average. My average is $430.00. Last week , my last two shows were $740.00 and $755.00!, so I think I was well over the average.:) I am pretty excited that two more people joined my team last week also, that makes 31!! Looking forward to the next call, since I think I am going to need to do some training myself soon! Judy Thompson, Created Natural

Anonymous said...

Wow Judy! Way to go. What did you do that was different that your show average almost doubled?

creatednaturalgirl said...

I don't think I did anything different, just happened to have two shows with over 15 people at each show! Luck I guess. I have been averaging 2-3 bookings at each show and have at least one recruit from every show, I tell people during the show I say "I have at least 2-3 people at every show that want to book a show and at least one person who is interested in joining my team!" I think this starts everyone thinking, " I wonder who will be booking a show, or who will want to sign up? maybe that will be me!" At least it gets them thinking about it! Judy