Sunday, November 2, 2008

Direct Sales JUMP Start: Post Your Questions HERE!

After tonight's AMAZING call, I want to be sure you all have a place to post your questions. Just leave a "comment" here and we'll address your questions either on the blog or on the call.

You can post any questions. We'll do our best to answer them all.


Stephen said...
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Jackie said...

Thanks for the call! I had a quick question, and I may have missed this, but when during the show do you recommend having people fill out the door slips and do the drawing? I know most folks do it right away to give a fun start to the party. The reason I ask is because during the show, you talk about the benefits of booking and of starting the business, so is it better for them to fill out the slips after they have heard that because they may be more likely to marke yes or maybe after they have heard that info? What have you found works best? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie!
Great question. I always did the door prize slip at the end of the show as part of my close. That way, when you're asking them the questions they have a point of reference if they want to book, recruit, or get things on special. Like I said, I did just about all of my bookings through the door prize slip and I always had as many shows as I wanted.

Jackie said...