Saturday, November 8, 2008

Writer's Cramp is a good thing, right?

Making my tickler file has been great for my business - but now I got writer's cramp. So far, over 200 index cards... and looks like I'm going to go buy more cards.

The bright side: I have a lot more contacts than I realized. Which is probably true for many of you. As I stared going back through old invoices, there were people I had TOTALLY forgotten about - sad but true.

People fall through the cracks - even when you don't mean to.

The bright side part 2: I booked a hostess I haven't talked to in 2 years. She rescheduled on me because she got mono. I figured she was blowing me off so I stopped following up. I also booked a girl that was in a musical with me this summer to do a jewelry party for me. I also added 3 new prospects to my recruiting pipeline. Their lives have changed a LOT this year, and the time is good for them. Plus the countless reps from Sarah Coventry reps that have called ME has been staggering. One poor girl had JUST gotten her kit when they closed their doors! Haven't signed them all yet, but this is a ton of activity for a girl who usually only does one show per week.

When YOU finish your challenge for this week, post your results here! There just might be a prize.


Rubelbj said...

Added only 6 not the 9 to 12, but 6 more is great for me!

creatednaturalgirl said...

Okay, I am at 5 new shows added, but I still have time to get 4 more today! I have been working with two new possible recruits this week, so all my time has been dedicated to that (this would be #28 and #29) maybe I can get to 30 before my 5th month is over! My tickler file is almost done, I agree, writer's cramp for sure! Judy Thompson

jewelrygirl said...

I have added 5 new shows even though I missed the call Sunday night. I have 5 shows this coming week, so that should be a lot more shows added after that!

the coolest girl in the world - HA! said...

I am SO proud of you guys! with jut the three of you, you've added 16 shows to your calendars!

That's the way to grow your businesses. If you haven't gotten all the way through your tickler file, keep going. Don't quit now.

I told you we'd be growing your business!

Any questions or concerns so far? that's why we're here!